Reusable products

Reusable products

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Find out more about the different reusable products available, to see which might be right for you. Everyone is unique and there are many great brands to try.

You can also head to our Hear from others page to learn from other peoples' experiences with reusable period products, or take a look at our FAQs to answer any remaining questions you have.

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Reusable period pads

Reusable pads are made of fabric, such as cotton or bamboo. They are a similar size to disposable pads and usually have fasteners to clip onto your underwear.

Reusable period underwear

Period underwear feels like regular underwear but has built-in layers that absorb period blood, preventing leaks and keeping your skin dry.

Reusable period cups

Made from flexible silicone or rubber, insert a period cup into your vagina (like a tampon). Blood collects in the cup, which you then empty and clean before reuse.

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Reusable products

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