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If you’ve used tampons or disposable pads all your life, it’s completely normal to feel apprehensive about making a change. But switching to reusables might not be as difficult as you think – plenty of people just like you have changed to reusables and never looked back.

Hear directly from your peers and learn why they prefer reusables. Learn why they love the reduced costs, environmental benefits and increased comfort.


I love that I can keep my cup in for hours without thinking about it, I don’t generate any waste and it’s much more comfortable than disposables.<!-- read-more -->

They are super easy to use, and like any new habit (e.g. remembering reusable shopping bags) it takes a few times to get used to. But once you do, you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

I bought everything at once, a cup for £8-10 which is what I’d spend in 2-3 months on disposables. A pack of pads will set you back another £15-20, but you’ll make that money back within a year easily.

I’d say beware of popular myths – a lot of them are wrong, and a lot of the benefits are not widely known! Speak to someone who uses them to find out what it’s really like. 


I started using reusable period products after the birth of my second daughter. I made a huge saving on period cloth pads as I was bleeding so heavily at the time I would have spent a small fortune on disposables! They took a while to rinse out but it’s all part of my self-care and time spent on myself.<!-- read-more -->

What I like about using reusable period products is that I am entirely self sufficient and manage my periods at no expense. After an initial cost purchasing the pads, I was no longer spending on a monthly basis. Which all adds up.

I would advise anyone who is worried about reusables being hard to use, or hard to clean to consider that it does take time to make the switch. Considering the environmental impact that all the pads we’ve ever disposed of are get to entirely biodegrade (if they ever do!), it is so empowering to know that I’m doing my bit for the planet by having a zero waste, altogether greener period.


I started using a menstrual cup when I was 14, a year after I first started my period.

I love the freedom my menstrual cup gives me – I don’t have to think about my period as much because it can hold much more blood and so doesn’t have to be changed as often.<!-- read-more -->

I like that I don’t have to worry if my period is going to come when I’m on holiday – I just always pack my cup in my washbag and I’m ready for anything – hiking, swimming, ziplining, you name it.

You have to be patient. It can be scary using a menstrual cup for the first time, but I found researching online to find detailed instructions helpful, as well as staying calm and remembering to breathe! You’ll soon get the hang of it, it just takes practice. There are also so many different sizes of cups out there nowadays so you can start with a really tiny one at first if that’s easier for you.

Reusable period products need to be more widely available in shops such as Boots. I’d love to see them being subsidised by the government or local councils to help people with the upfront costs. I think more education about periods in school is needed; it would be great if we were taught about all the different period product options and their pros and cons like we were taught about the different types of contraception. We need to end the stigma around periods so people can talk to their friends openly about which products they use.


I started using reusable period products when I was 14, shortly after I first started my period.

I like using a combination of a period cup and period underwear. I like using a period cup because it saves a lot of waste going into landfill.<!-- read-more -->

Also, it is convenient as you can leave it in for longer than you would with tampons.  This was especially helpful when I was at school as I hardly had to change it when I was there as it holds more blood than tampons and pads.  You can also leave your cup in overnight so that is very convenient.  I like using period underwear because they are really comfortable and you do not have to worry about changing anything, you just use the period underwear.

I would advise people to try out different products and methods to see what suits them and their body. For example, the period cup takes some time to get used to. I would recommend trying out different folding techniques to see what suits you best.  Also practice inserting it and taking it out in the shower or bath first.

The period cup needs to be cleaned before use with boiling water so it is pretty easy to keep clean.  I just fill a mug with boiling water and pop my cup in to clean it. Other period products like period underwear need to be washed. You can hand wash them or throw them in with other washing in the washing machine to save money.


When I had my son, I did lots of research about reusable nappies and more eco-friendly alternatives and this got me on to thinking about reusable period products too.<!-- read-more -->

I did online research and went to organic shops to see the options. Luckily my local supermarket started offering reusables a few years ago too. I also had friends who are into low waste living so found out about period pants through them I think - having other people to talk to really helped.

I like that they are always to hand - you never have to worry about them running out! It also feels great to not be spending out money every month on disposable products.

I would say just give them a go and don't feel you have to invest in any one type of product. There are thankfully cheaper alternatives than a few years ago. You can also sew your own period pads or pants using old clothing and towels, so the costs can be really low.


I started using reusable products as soon as I got my first period two and a half years ago. I want to use them because they are much better for the environment than disposable period products.<!-- read-more -->

My mum gave me a starter kit so that I could try things out, and then we have added more as I’ve got to know what works for me. Even though it’s a bigger outlay at the beginning, over time it saves money. And you don’t have to buy everything all at once - even if you start with just one reusable pad, you’ll get the experience you need to become confident making the switch. Also just because you use reusables, it doesn’t mean that you can’t ever use a disposable if you need or want to - I just make sure to use organic disposables and I never flush them down the loo!

I think there’s lots that can be done to encourage more people to use reusables - education in schools is really important. Once you know the impact that conventional period products have on the environment, it makes you motivated to switch. Also social media is really powerful, especially among young people - it’s great to hear celebrities saying they use them!

If you’re considering making the switch, I’d say go for it! It feels really good to know that I’m looking after my body at the same time as looking after the environment.


I think I started using reusables around five years ago. I just couldn't stand throwing away so much plastic, and it's also much cleaner, more hygienic. It's more sustainable, it makes me more aware of my body, how much I am bleeding, what process I'm going through. And less trash!<!-- read-more -->

I realised how and where I clean my products is not as difficult as I thought, and being more organised with these things is quite liberating anyway. It means I can always be prepared and I have products I can rely on. The moon cup I can take with me everywhere. I'm always prepared. 

I say you should do what feels most comfortable for your body but also think about the long term. Often people focus on the here and now but I think if people generally started looking at the products they use in terms of longevity, cost effectiveness, health and care they would look at things differently.

Try it out! Or ask people what they do. Have a conversation. I talked to my sisters, my friends. A lot of people were starting to use them. But it's also easy to look online. And think about the money you'd save in the long run! 


I love that I can have my period in peace, knowing that I'm not harming my body or the planet. On top of that, my period pants and cup are comfier than any non-reusable product I've ever used! We are so fortunate to have so many different options on the market, I truly believe there is now something for everyone. 

<!-- read-more -->

I think better education surrounding the impacts of non-reusables on people and the planet would encourage greater up-take of reusables. Talking about periods unfortunately is still very much a taboo topic and I think we need to smash this taboo in order to have more open, honest and accessible conversations about the kinds of period products we're using. 

There is definitely an upfront cost involved with most renewables but I have found in the long term I have saved SO much money on period products. It doesn't need to be an all or nothing situation, you can build up what works for you and your body over time. 

I was really concerned about the physical process of inserting and removing my cup, in particular I was scared that it would get stuck. I'm not going to lie, it definitely took a couple of cycles to become completely comfortable using my cup, but once I started to relax, trust my body and the product, I was completely converted. 

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