Using reusable 
period products
may be much easier 
than you think

Reduce, Reuse,
Your Cycle

While we all know about keep cups and tote bags, there’s one type of reusable that is often overlooked: reusable period products.

Reduce the waste

More than 200kg of waste is produced by every person who menstruates over their lifetime. But your period doesn't have to cost the earth.

Start the conversation

Switching to reusables can feel daunting if you don’t know where to begin, or you don’t have the information to make the right choice for your body. 

Listen and learn

Hear from your peers and read information to help you reduce and reuse during your period.

Reusable products

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Looking for practical guidance on reusable period products? The Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) hosts workshops offering face-to-face expert and practical advice on first time use and how to use, clean, and store them.

Check out our workshops page to browse the list of scheduled events.